LSR Products

With GMORS cold runner LSR, Liquid Silicone Rubber, molding system, we are capable of supplying ultra pure Silicone rubber components to variety of niche applications, including medical, Pharmaceutical and electronics.

All GMORS LSR products are molded in clean environment or class 1000 cleanroom environment. From raw material to finish part, the molding processes are completed in the close loop that significantly optimize the rubber parts cleanness.

LSR shorter curing cycle time generates higher volume throughput. Highly automatic manufacturing process control minimizes defect risks caused by human factors and guarantees highest level of product uniformity.

Based on GMORS mold design expertise, minimal flash extension can reduce huge amount of material waste in the one hand and obtain cost benefits in the another hand.

Complex geometries Silicone rubber component manufacturing accomplishments and strength for mold construction price competitiveness are our key to the market.

LSR Features:

  • Comprehensive biocompatibility
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Readily electricity insulation
  • Perfect transparency and physical properties